Whether you need something for yourself or are looking to get a helpful gift for somebody, the majority of smartphone accessories are always going to be helpful. Since we do spend a fair amount of our lives using our smartphones it can hardly come as a surprise that there are a whole of phone accessories out there that range from the incredibly useful to those that are perhaps more showy. If you’ve been looking to shop for mobile phone accessories, then read on to fund out some of the best ones out there on the market right now.

Solar power banks

Power banks have been on the market for a good few years now and they have undoubtedly become one of the most popular phone accessories available. Ideal for when you’re out and about or for those occasions when you’re not going to have access to a socket like camping and festivals, power banks can keep your phone topped up with minimal fuss. But what about when you’ve forgotten to actually charge the power bank or for those occasions when you’ve already drained all of its resources? That’s where solar power banks can step in to save the day. Simple make sure the solar panels are facing up towards the sun and hope that the clouds stay by and large away.

Magnetic car phone mount

Phone mounts for the car no longer have to be huge clunky affairs that sit smack in the middle of the windscreen; these days they are sleeker and more unobtrusive than ever, and dare we say it perhaps even a little bit stylish. Magnetic phone mounts have recently become one of the most popular designs for the car thanks to their minimalist space-saving design and the fact that you can easily angle and rotate your phone. For it to work, you simply have to attach the accompanying magnet in the kit to the back of your phone or phone case and that’s pretty much it.

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Dual port car charger

Car phone chargers are another incredibly useful accessory when it comes to our smartphones, but why not take it one step further with a dual port car charger? No more fighting about whose battery has the lowest percentage or who needs their phone more, thanks to the dual port design you can easily charge two devices simultaneously. If you’re in your car a lot or a planning a road trip then this nifty gadget is a must-buy! And if two ports aren’t enough then you can always upgrade to a triple dock car charger.

Lanyard Case

And for anybody who is supremely forgetful about where they leave their phone when they are in the house this lanyard case could be a lifesaver. It might not be up there as one of the most glamorous phone accessories out there, however it is undeniably practical and also will only cost a few pounds. Also a great idea for elderly people to make sure that they always have their mobile on them in case of an emergency, with this accessory you’ll never have to search done the back of the sofa for your phone again.